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ZZZzzAP!!! I almost electrocuted myself trying to install a dimmer switch. That’s all it took before I realized that I needed to hire a professional for the rest of the lighting and electrical work I needed done around my house.

After posting on FB for help, my friends Josh and Ivonne insisted on TCB Electrical and Lighting. I did not see any reviews on so at first I was a bit skeptical. But I trust my friends and they guaranteed this company would deliver.


*professional *affordable *friendly *clean *knowledgeable

Vito and Jorge were on time and did it ALL....
Great guys! I could not be more satisfied with my decision!!!

Dr. Beau C., San Diego, CA | 5 Star Yelp Review

I originally hired TCB Electric in 2008 when remodeling my kitchen. Vito and his crew came in, "Took Care of all the Business” and after they cleaned up, they were gone. Six years later, not a single problem in the kitchen. Thankfully, I saved Vito’s contact information. I had some issues in another part of my house, and I knew immediately to call TCB. Solid, professional, top-notch work. Vito knows his stuff, and easily showed me and explained to me what the problems were, and how he was going to proceed. Now, I know that there won’t be any concerns again. Finally, after completing our project, we had another issue, a ceiling fan that wasn’t working. Vito said he’d be happy to check it out. Even after we’d already written him a check for the original work, he fixed the ceiling fan with "an extra part” that he has in his truck, and he didn’t even charge us. I told him it was a $50 gift. You should not even bother looking around for another electrician. Get it done correctly, the first time, for a fair TCB Electric.

Lewis B., San Diego, CA | 5 Star Yelp Review

Same Day service to replace GSFI. Nick was great. Responded to my call, set up a time with my tenants, knew what to do right away, treated my tenants well. They were impressed with him. I recommend him to anyone who has a need.

YellowBot User | 5 Star Review

I will use this company again. They were professional and on time. They honor their work.

Darlene B., Chula Vista, CA | 5 Star Yelp Review

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